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Black Superheroes

Apr 4, 2022 - Apr 25, 2022

  • 22Days

Course Information

Course Dates / April 4, 11, 18, and 25. Course Facilitator / Kyan Burris Hola and welcome all my fellow black nerds and wonderers! I know that’s not a word but stick with me here. Welcome to New Generation Scholars Intergenerational Institution course about Black Superheroes! In this class you’ll learn all about the heroes and villains that look like us! We’ll discuss amazing authors and publishers who made us look like us in these comic books and even mangas. We’ll take a dive into black history all the way to the year 1467 to present day to learn about black heroes that have lived and or currently living in our world. We will discuss the evolution of the black character in cartoons and anime. I will then also be recommending books and mangas to read and cartoons and animes to watch that either have an all black cast or the main characters are black. Last but not least, we will also create our own black superheroes and even villains! So come on and fly, swing, teleport, or even jump on into this course with me! I would love to see you there! :)




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