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1 jun 2022 - 15 jun 2022

Rooted Connections

  • 15días


Course Dates / June 1, 8, 15 Course Facilitator / Simone Speed-Hamlet Throughout the history of the African Diaspora, Black people have always relied on making connections with other members of the diaspora around them. These connections that we instinctively create have helped us build support systems from enslavement to present day and have provided us access to opportunities we may not have had without the extended connections that we make within our communities. Using 19th-century film, television, and literature, we will examine the history of Black families in America during and post enslavement and the present day expressions of family and the connections, opportunities and lessons they can provide. The Black family is not just what and whom you are born into; it’s created by the love we hold for ourselves as a people.




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